January 12-13, 2018 | Orlando, Florida

Learn How to Create an Authority Brand from The World's Top Online Health Experts Such as Dr. Axe, Dr. Suzy & Yuri Elkaim and Get the Shortcut To Creating More Time, Freedom and Money in your life through virtual programs.

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What is the Health Experts Alliance?

HEA is a mastermind style collaborative event that brings together doctors and health experts looking to build more money, time and freedom by growing their businesses online. At this event, you’ll receive templates from the top virtual health experts so you can copy exactly what they are doing to automate their businesses to make 6, 7 and 8 figures online.

In this revolutionary new format, you won't just be listening to our expert speakers, you'll also dive deeper in intimate mastermind groups to implement the advanced training you'll receive. Speakers will only speak 50% of the time. For the other 50%, we will be actively working with you on your business while you’re grouped with health experts like you. We do this is through mastermind round table sessions where you get to use the collective genius of the group to:

Gain More Freedom in Your Life

Spend your time with the people who mean the most to you, by being able to practice wherever, whenever.

Grow Your Business Online

Create systems of automation and learn strategies to break free from the insurance game.

Exponentially Expand Your Impact

Reach more people with your message of healing, using modern day technological advances.

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H.E.A. Thought Leaders

Having influence in today’s world is different than what it was a few years ago. Our expert thought leaders are unique because they KNOW what the online marketplace is, so they can tell you exactly where you need to focus your attention. You see all these people in your feed telling you they can teach you how to reach people online, but our experts have actually grown multi-million dollar online businesses and a social influence that reaches tens of millions.


Josh Axe, Co-Founder, Axe Wellness & 10X Doctor

Dr. Josh Axe is the founder DrAxe.com, the #1 online health brand, and co-owns Ancient Nutrition. His company landed in the top of the Fortune 100, and has grown over 100X over the last few years, on track to do over $100 million dollars this year.

TOPIC: The 7 Steps To Monetizing Social Media and Email Through Online Products & Programs, and How to Create Them


Marcelle Pick, OBGYN & NYT Best Selling Author

Marcelle has built one of the largest online communities for women to maximize their health. She’s authored a hand full of best-selling books and wants to teach you how to build your own tribe.

TOPIC: The 8 Figure "Health Expert" Formula for Influencing The Tribe You Want to Attract To Follow and Buy from You For Life.


Jordan Rubin, CEO, Ancient Nutrition

Jordan Rubin is the founder of Ancient Nutrition, the world’s #1 organic, fermented and superfood based supplement company. He’s a #1 New York Times best selling author, and is the founder of Garden of Life which was recently been bought for $2.6 Billion Dollars.

TOPIC: How to Formulate the Worlds Best Selling Health Supplements To Get Repeat Buys Because of the Quality Versus the Just the Marketing.


Isaac Jones

Dr. Isaac Jones is an entrepreneur that has built three different 7 figure businesses in the health space in the last 2 years both in America and Internationally. He’s a #1 Best Selling International author and owns and operates one of the worlds largest virtual health consultation businesses.

TOPIC: How to Lead People To Work With You And Buy Your Stuff Through Compelling Sales Copy & His Million-dollar Consultation Formula


Pete Camiolo

Co-Founder, 10X Doctor


Yuri Elkaim

NYT Best Selling Author and Online Health Expert


Suzy Youngquist

Functional Medicine Practitioner and CEO of Revolution Health Centers


David Touhill

VP of Marketing, 10X Doctor

What People Are Saying About the Health Experts Alliance Event


The Ritz-Carlton, Grande Lakes

While the magic of Orlando entertains the imagination, The Ritz-Carlton Orlando, Grande Lakes delights in it — by creating memories that stay long after you leave. With exceptional amenities and impeccable service, one of the most breathtaking luxury hotels in Orlando is the perfect place to relax while enjoying the quintessential all-American city.

Why We Created Health Experts Alliance

Hi, Dr. Isaac here. I want to tell you a story of how Dr. Josh and I went from exhaustion to exponential growth.

Several years ago, Dr. Josh and I were burnt out. We loved helping our patients, just like I’m sure you love helping people one-on-one.

But we were stuck in this never-ending cycle of working long hours and not being able to spend time with our loved ones.

Sound familiar?

We dreamed of a life where we were impacting more lives and making residual income, while being able to travel the world with the people we love.

So I took the leap to build an online health business. By going to advanced seminars and surrounding myself with people like Yuri Elkaim, I built a 7-figure online health business.

In 2013, Dr. Josh’s online health business was 3 months away from bankruptcy. Just like you, he wanted to find a sure way to success, so he flew to Atlanta to mastermind with me.

Just two months later he was breaking financial records and has never looked back.

Today, Josh and I have done 7 figures in ONE WEEK online. I’ve build the world’s largest online health consulting business and he now has the #1 online health brand that’s about to break $100,000,000.00.

Furthermore, we travel the world with our loved ones and are living our dream lives!

You may think… “that’s great for you guys… but you don’t understand my situation…”

Josh was 3 months away from bankruptcy! I was making money to live month to month when I started.

We don’t want you to make the SAME MISTAKES that we did!

Come to HEA if you want to connect with abundant minded health experts.

Come to HEA if you want to create more freedom so you can get more quality time with your loved ones and get back into those hobbies that have collected dust.

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Each year we sell out. We only have 100 tickets available this year as 50 are already “spoken for”. If you see this event as a “no brainer” to attend, like many do, you’ll want to get signed up now… After reading this page, if it resonates with you, sign up now before it’s too late. This page may be closed down in the next few weeks or even days, replaced by a waiting-list page like we did for our last event.

Here are 5 ways this event is going to be different from 2017’s HEA event:

1. Different Theme & Focus - The theme of 2017’s HEA event was “Virtual Practice”. The theme of this years event is “Copy & Paste Templates from Dr. Axe, Dr. Jones, Yuri Elkaim & Others for Faster Results to Online Income Generation for Online Products & Programs.” NOTE: Yes we will have small parts of this event that will be about virtual practice, however, the focus is on residual income generation through online products (supplements) and programs (digital education).

2. New & Updated Information - Like I said above the online landscape changes rapidly. The experts at this event collectively invest over $1,000,000 PER MONTH on working with the world's top internet marketing agencies & experimentation so that YOU don’t have to be implementing things that worked last year… that WON’T WORK in 2018.

3. World's Premiere Online Health Entrepreneurs → Dr. Axe who will do over $100 million this year (remember he was about to go bankrupt just 5 years ago before masterminding with me)... will be hanging out with us, sharing templates & adding value to you… Kate Johnson - Josh Axe’s right hand when it comes to implementing systems and managing $10M+ product launches. Yuri Elkaim a good friend of mine will be sharing some of his top million dollar secrets to success as an online healthpreneur. Dr. Marcelle Pick MD - The women behind an 8-figure online health community for women is going to give us insights on how to influence in different niche markets. AND MORE top leaders…

4. More Growth Activities - Talking bobble heads from stage for an entire weekend is the OLD WAY of doing events… Imagine actually working ON your business AT the event through masterminds and workshops so that you walk away having a clear step-by-step plan for increasing your impact and residual income.

5. ZERO Pitch Fests!!! This is NOT a “pitch fest”. In full transparency, I tried not to make my first event “salesy” and yet some people gave me that feedback. SO… We’ve made upgrades. The events PRIMARY focus is and always will be on cultivating an abundant minded community of people supporting you to catapult your business and healthcare forward. Any offerings will be done in breakouts and will be explained briefly from stage.NOTE: Whether you go to a breakout or not… You’re going to walk away with a clear step-by-step path to creating your dream business or upgrading the one you created at our last event.

Due to the quality of the content and community we built last year at Health Experts Alliance, our marketing of these events is more “internal” through referrals and the people in our network (You).

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Frequently Asked Questions

"Can I really take time away from my practice/health business to attend?"

Most people that have come to our events in the past, people that HAVE created their dream business, have said the same thing. Powerful creators will do whatever it takes to create their dream businesses (even if building residual streams of income is done in ADDITION to running a brick and mortar).

"Do I have to be an MD, DC or ND to attend?"

No. The majority of people there will be MD’s, DC’s and other doctors, but at ALL Health Experts Alliance events, we will be opening the doors to any current and aspiring Health Expert that wants to join us in transforming healthcare globally.

"What exactly does online 'products' or 'programs' mean?"

Cool. Products are supplements or other physical health products you want to be helping people with and making money on even while you sleep. Programs are digital educational products that typically drive back end product sales, brick and mortar sales as well as high-ticket virtual practice programs.

"Is this for beginners?"

Whether you are a beginner or more experienced in the world of online health, this event is for you. No matter your level, there will be information and action items to take your influence and impact to the next level.

My team and I personally connect one-on-one with over 100 doctors, health professionals and people interested in getting into this space that didn’t have any degrees.

What we found was their were 2 types of people that we connected with…

1. Powerful Creators - People that look at challenges as opportunities, they believe in themselves and take action on creating a brighter future (typically involving creating more 1. Impact, 2. Income, 3. Freedom… in that order).

2. Non-Powerful Creators - People that allow their challenging past to control their futures, and allow negative mental programming to create what they DON’T want in their lives… (typically involving 1. Less Impact, 2. Less Freedom, 3. Less Income).

The most rewarding thing in these conversations is seeing someone break out of being a non-powerful creator to becoming a powerful creator…

It’s also CLEAR, that almost everyone I talked with want more of what Dr. Axe, Dr. Pete and I have created in our lives (perhaps this is you as well…)

Residual Income - Through online products, programs and/or supplements so that you can be anywhere and do anything and still make money.

Work Less & Impact More - Building online authority brands skyrocketing impact and influence in order to ensure your voice is heard.

Healthier Lifestyle - Run your business from your iPhone or laptop while you travel the world so you can enjoy life even more…

Powerful creators know that they only have one life, and want to make the best of it… They start working on building these 3 things above, because they believe that they (and their loved ones) are worth it.

We have attracted abundant minded powerful creators to our events in the past, and we want to attact even more. If you consider yourself someone that likes to add value to others and considers yourself a powerful creator, then we would love for you to be at this event!

Here’s what we’re talking about:

• Copy & Paste Success Business Templates - Dr. Axe, Yuri Elkaim and I are going to be showing you essentially how to COPY the 3 foundational factors we used in our businesses to spur us to 7 and 8-figure success.

• Online Brand Building Workshops - Imagine working in intimate small groups with some of the most brilliant health experts in the online space and getting your questions answered…

• Small Group Round-Table Masterminds - Watch the future of your business and life get created in front of your eyes as you work with others in the space that have “been there” (whether you’re just starting or more advanced…)

• Get The NEW Online Success Strategies - Google, Facebook and other Social Networks change their influence algorithms every few months. Get the news up-to-date solutions for maximum ROI.

NOTE: These algorithms change every few months, so you will be getting the most up-to-date, cutting-edge information. And if you stay plugged into our community, our commitment is to continue to keep you plugged into the latest and greatest information.

• Get YOUR Questions Answered - Dr. Axe has the #1 Online Health Brand (surpassing Mercola.com a couple months ago), Dr. Jones (me) has the #1 Online Health Practice and Dr. Pete owned the #1 Online New Patient Driven Brick and Mortar Health Center… Get your questions answered by us directly…

We are keeping this event to 150 doctors and health experts. Just like we did last year, we WILL sell out.

Secure Your Seat

This opportunity is for you if you want to do one or more of the following:

1. Keep your practice and scale it up while earning residual income.

2. Keep your practice and scale it up while building a virtual consulting component to it.

3. Creating residual streams of income through building an online brand and online business that has products and/or a virtual consulting side.

Imagine an environment where the top abundant-minded individuals in the health space come together to openly share their secrets to success.

What if your dream health business was actually within reach?

The business that...

• Lets you travel at your leisure without the stress of worrying about your business imploding while you’re gone

• Gives you the flexibility to be at all of your kids’ soccer games and/or special family occasions

• Regularly generates new leads every month without having to try every new marketing tactic and social media strategy...or worse having to stand in a mall or big box store doing “screenings”

• Allows you to tap into your true earning potential - where you’re able to pay off debt fast or finally splurge on that big purchase you’ve been holding out on

What if your dream health business re-energized everything that you once loved about being a health professional?

Transforming lives, solving complex health conditions, integrating cutting edge healthstrategies...helping people.

If you want to increase your freedom, make more money and help people on a deeper level it IS possible to do all three.

There are health professionals just like you that have created 7 and 8 figure businesses that have enabled them to live the life of their dreams.

And they want to help you.

Right now, you have the opportunity to get insights from the top 1% of income earners and “Dream Health Business” owners.

The last thing I will say, is that I HOPE that you choose to be a Powerful Creator and choose to come to this 2018 HEA event. It’s a choice. Take action on creating your dream future now by attending this event. You will never regret it.

Discover how The 10X Doctor events has helped doctors become the CEO they've been wanting to be.

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Health Experts Alliance is an event for you if you're interested in building residual streams of income through online product, programs and/or virtual practice. We are keeping this event to 150 doctors and health experts. Just like we did last year, we WILL sell out. Join us.

General Admission

  • Ticket to all sessions
  • Special offers from our sponsors and partners
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  • General Admissions Ticket, plus
  • VIP Seating in the front rows of the conference room
  • Private Dinner with the Speakers
  • 1-on-1 Strategy Session w/Dr. David

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Who This Event Is NOT For

  • Solely Brick & Mortar Practices - This event won’t be useful for you! We will be focusing on virtual practices only this time.
  • The Scarcity Minded - People who think it’s “too expensive” and are already making excuses why they can’t create a better future.
  • The Value Extractors - If you don’t care about adding value to others and your focus is extracting as much value for yourself, then this event isn’t for you.
  • The Fixed Mindset - If you’re not “growth oriented” and think you know everything already, you will have nothing to learn at this event.

Who This Event Is For

This opportunity is for you if you want to do one or more of the following:

  • Take control of your business and life again.
  • Learn how to build residual streams of income through online products and programs.
  • Create maximal joy in your work day.
  • Get clarity on what your ideal products and programs will be and for what niche market.
  • Create specific action steps to move in the direction of building a business that allows for residual income, more impact and more freedom.

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