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We help you scale your business and achieve freedom in your life by lifting you up with a supportive community of likeminded doctors.

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Get plugged in to an amazing community of 10X doctors, grow your business exponentially,
claim your freedom, and magnify your impact in the healthcare industry.

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Join a community of A-Players, led by experts, all striving toward similar goals.

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Get access to trainings that will teach you systems for marketing, hiring and training staff, patient processes and more.

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Exponential growth means reaching more people with your message of hope and healing than ever before, and finally fulfilling your purpose.

Come to a 10X Doctor event and discover how to become the CEO you know you can be.


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practice virtual

January 12-13, 2018 Orlando, Florida

There has never been a time in history where educated professionals like yourself need to get the true message of health out to the masses.

  • Systematize a practice or health business.
  • Create different streams of residual income.
  • Stop settling for the status quo in your business.
  • Build an online practice and brand from scratch.
  • Implement new cutting-edge health technologies.
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The 10X Doctor
Team Summit

April 13-14, 2018 Nashville, TN

No fluff. Just expert systems to grow and scale your business while creating more time, freedom and revenue with a trustworthy and committed team.

  • Become the CEO of your business
  • Build an "A" team
  • Implement team retention strategies
  • Engage in small group masterminds
  • Learn and implement Dr. Josh Axe's secret sauce for social media
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Get our proven systems for streamlining your practice so you can scale your business.


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Get exlusive trainings from experts who will show you exactly how they 10X-ed their businesses.

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